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    Dead wizzard DT - transplant help

    Hi folks
    I have a a wizzard DT (Suregrave) which after many years of sterling service has rolled over with a failed logic board. Sadly Suregrave tell they have no more replacement logic boards.
    So since the rest of the unit is fine and built like battleship I was wondering about buying one of these chinese 3 axis logic boards to resurrect the beast.
    Problem is I think the Z stepper is a different rating from the X-Y does anybody know this is feasible or do just need to tow it out to sea and open the seacocks?

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    Hi skelfie

    without knowing any details of your motors or stepper drivers
    I cannot be 100% sure if a chinese board can be made to work

    if the switches on the chinese board cannot give you the required current
    for the three motors ,
    you could possibly change the current sense resistors

    but look here first ---http://www.cnczone.com/forums/general_electronics_discussion/110986-how_i_fixed_my_chinese.html

    people have had mixed results with chinese boards

    I would prefere to use a breakout board and separate drivers


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    Thanks for that John, I'm going to try and find the spec of the stepper motors and take it from there


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    Neuer Benutzer
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    What was the outcome of your repair to the Wizzard. In the US we have a very good repair shop for Dahlgren/Suregrave.

    www dot ltdengraving dot com Home

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    Re: Dead wizzard DT - transplant help

    Well it's now six years later and I have finally got round to resurrecting the Old Wizzard DT, with cheap controllers off ebay.
    It's been so long I've lost my original Skelfie account so I just created a new account to save time.
    Had to build PC with a parallel port using bits from the spare part bin, but it's whizzing along nicely using LinuxCNC.
    Next job is build a case for all the gubbins so it doesn't look so much like an IED
    I've been using a Roland MPX-80 in the mean time, but as it's down to it's last couple of pins I decided to finally get the the old Frankenstein box back in action
    It nice having the old beast back in play

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