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    Exclamation Biesse Rover 22

    Hello all,
    We teach apprentice joiners in the Limerick Institute. As a new project I am hoping to produce a few projects for the CNC router. I need a training manual or a training workshop for the Biesse Rover 22 CNC Router. Does anyone know where I can get one or go on a training course? The suppliers can't offer a triner at the moment


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    I could easily offer you an online tutorial if your machine is a PC front end controller. Or, you could fly me to ireland!
    Email me at ntek1@aol.com or through my website at www.cnccustomservices.com

    Kindest Regards,

    Mark T.

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    Biesse Rover Tutorial

    Hi Mark

    Sorry I am so late getting back to you I was on hols over the summer and then very busy getting back to work in college.
    We have started using Alpacam to run the machine instead of it's own software and are now having to sort out a few problems downloading to the machine. The PC on the machine is not connected to the web. Therefore i assume your kind offer will not be as useful as I first thought or indeed neccessary at this stage.

    thanks anyway

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