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    Ohmic probe interfacing

    I am not sure what forum to put this in, because it is in between the torch and the control electronics. What do people do with respect to actually hooking the shield on the torch up to the BOB input pin when implementing ohmic probing? It seems to me that there is potentially bad things that can happen that might allow the negative voltage on the plasma machine power supply make it to the input pin. How about isolating the pin with a relay during cutting? External zener? I am thinking it would be good to have something that is less expensive to replace than the BOB. I cannot find any discussions addressing this, nor have I ever ran across one. Does anyone have thoughts or inputs? Thanks!

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    Re: Ohmic probe interfacing

    Try the circuit in this article I wrote for the LinuxCNC documents

    Plasma Cutting Primer for LinuxCNC Users

    You need two pins as we keep the power totally disconnected unless we are probing.. Works a treat! Good luck
    Rod Webster

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