Hello all. I'm am such a noob to CNC that noobs laugh at me. That being said, I did some trading and got a Forbis router CNC made by Folger Tech. When I got it, the controller was a brick. It's locked in the start up screen and doesn't finish booting up. I contacted their customer support, and I have to say that I was taken back by the response. Because I'm not a certified customer, they won't even talk to me about anything. I let them know that I just wanted to BUY a new controller that was either their standalone model, or one that works connecting to my laptop running MACH 3. Looking at their website, in their products area, you have to purchase time from them to even talk with you about what you are wanting to purchase from them. I've seen some REALLY BAD customer service in my 50+ years, but this takes the cake. You have to PAY somebody to sell you their product? I'm really needing to get some help with this thing. It's for beginners, like me. Thank you.