Hello all!
I recently bought a very small CNC 1310. It have a spindle wich goes to max 8000rpm.
Software which i use: GCAM & GRBL Control (see photos)
For the moment i am trying to cut some pieces in 2mm thickness plexiglass.
Using this settings: 8000rpm / Feed=300mm / Resolution=0.2mm
Tool: 2mm bit with 1flute. (specially for plexiglass).

I succesfully cut a 10mm long line without melting. It looks perfectly.
Then i cut a 10mm diameter circle. Again succes.
After that i tried to cut a 30mm diameter circle. Without succes. The plastic melted and stuck on my bit..
You have some improvements, some ideas of what to change to obtain a good cut into plexiglass?

BTW: How i can remove melted plastic from end bit? )