I'm trying to mill something right now that involves a tool change(needs to be a manual one) and whenever I start the mill it immediately stops and says that the "T" code is incorrect. Again I know little to nothing about codes so any help is appreciated.
this is what some of it looks like now.
; T2 D=0.125 CR=0.0625 - ZMIN=-0.015 - ball end mill
; T4 D=0.1875 CR=0 - ZMIN=-0.35 - flat end mill
; T5 D=0.25 CR=0.125 - ZMIN=-0.0491 - ball end mill
N0 G90
N1 G17
N2 G70
N3 G53 G0 Z0
; Ramp1
N4 T4 M6
N5 T5
N6 S5000 M3
N7 G54
N9 G0 X0.1255 Y0.7255
N10 G43 Z0.6 H4
N11 Z0.0604
N12 G1 Z0.0187 F40
N13 X0.1257 Z0.0155
N14 X0.1266 Y0.7256 Z0.0123
N15 X0.128 Y0.7257 Z0.0094
N16 X0.1298 Y0.7258 Z0.0067
N17 X0.1321 Y0.726 Z0.0044
N18 X0.1348 Y0.7262 Z0.0025
N19 X0.1378 Y0.7264 Z0.0011
N20 X0.1409 Y0.7267 Z0.0003
N21 X0.1442 Y0.7269 Z0
N22 G3 X0.1614 Y0.747 I-0.0014 J0.0187
N23 G1 X0.1598 Y0.7681 Z-0.0001 F20
N24 X0.1593 Y0.775
N25 X0.1574 Y0.8164 Z-0.0004

I'm using HSMworks.