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    Question 7i76e Recomendation, Source or Sinking Field I/O

    For a build from scratch hobby machine I plan to start off with mechanical travel switches but may upgrade to proximity sensors latter on.

    Is there any advantage to one card over the other (7i76E/7i76ED)?

    What size 24v power supply do you typically need assuming proximity switches for limits, 24v relay?

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    Re: 7i76e Recomendation, Source or Sinking Field I/O

    The 7i76ED is a relatively new card and is designed for retrofits with sinking inputs. (or is it outputs? I can't remember)
    For a new build the 7i76e is the way to go. It was easier for me as I did not have a choice when I bought mine!
    I think I saw mesa quote the other day that 1-2 amps would be sufficient. I know my power supplies are way too big and if I did it again, I'd use some smaller DIN rail mount meanwell power supplies.
    PNP prox switches are the ones to use as pulup/down resistors are not required. Becasue you have plenty of inputs, take the time to install separate home and limit switches.. So much easier in the long run.
    You will get better support on the linuxcnc forum...
    Rod Webster

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