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    Feeds and Speeds 6061

    Hello Forum

    Due to obtaining conflicting information from online calculators, I approach the forum requesting feeds and speeds for profile cutting 6061 Al using a; 0.375" 4 flute rougher end mill going to a depth of
    -1.5" using a HSM milling operation. What say the forum? Thank you!

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    Re: Feeds and Speeds 6061

    you will need to give more information
    make and model of the machine
    control make and model
    maximum spindle speed of the machine
    does the machine have high speed machining ?
    how much look ahead does the control have
    what are the feed rates that the machine can obtain
    what kind of tool holder are you using --end mill,er collet style,ect.

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    Re: Feeds and Speeds 6061

    If you can find a 2 or 3 flute endmill it would work better.

    I would break the depth of cut in half and do .75 at a time with HSM. 1.5" might be too much for one go at it. I usually do a 30 - 40% stepover.

    If you have good coolant to evacuate the chips I would max out the RPM and do a feedrate of about .004 to .005" per flute. If I'm using a 3 flute at 7500 RPM I usually program the feedrate around 100. ipm.

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