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    Greasing ways and ball screws

    Hello again. I am wondering if anyone can share their method of greasing ways and ball screws without taking half the damn machine apart. I have a partner 1 series H. The Y and Z axis are not bad to get to, however the X is a PITA. Anyone have a setup that's less painful?

    I apologize if this is a re-post. I've searched quite a few times and was not able to find anything.


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    Re: Greasing ways and ball screws

    Like most of Milltronics machines from that era, simple logic seemed to have escaped the designers back then. What were they thinking? My guess is they were not doing much of it. I hated my Partner one for that very reason. Solid it in 2012.

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    Re: Greasing ways and ball screws

    My son has a P1H and it has an electric lube pump. I don't know how hard it would be to convert and run the lube lines, but after reading the method in the owners manual, I wouldn't live with a greased machine for long.

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    Re: Greasing ways and ball screws

    I don't use grease: it is sticky and can hold bits of hard swarf right where i do NOT want them. Bad idea.
    I use oil, which flushes clean. I use a common oil can with a long bit of pneumatic tubing on the spout. That can reach in, and won't cause any damage if it gets caught.


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