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    Question Multiple CMOS erros after replacing battery

    Hi all.

    RE: D.Electron Z32 CNC Rotary Laser Cutter.

    I’m a PC engineer and was asked by a very desperate CNC owner to look at a PC in a CNC system, I found that the battery on the CNC-Link card (PCI board with two optic fibre nodes) had failed, so I replaced it which corrected the original error, but now the CNC table goes beyond the point at which it should stop and I get an error saying “multiple CMOS errors”.

    Will the CMOS in the CNC-Link card have now lost it's settings and need re-initializing? If so, is this normally done through the CNC software or is there normally a restore tool of some type?

    Sorry if this question doesn't even make sense, I know very little about CNC. Any help would be much appreciated.



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    Re: Multiple CMOS erros after replacing battery

    The "settings" are probably lost. To set them, you have to know what settings should be restored and how to do it. Find the manual belonging to this CNC card and maybe, someone has written down the settings in the manual and you can read how to do it. If not, you post more info about the CNC card, manufacturer, type etc.

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    Question Re: Multiple CMOS erros after replacing battery

    Thanks for your reply and advice. This equipment is probably 16 years old, so I think identifying the card might be a problem. The only thing I can see on the card, apart from the IC makes, is DE1075. Some of the .BAT files also make reference to:-
    Gestione DE1075
    Gestione DE1065
    Gestione messaggi multilingue (Z32msg.xxB)
    Gestione DE1039

    I've attached some pictures of the card.

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    Re: Multiple CMOS erros after replacing battery

    I have googled a bit and found the following link, maybe they can help!

    D.Electron Z32 - Helman CNC

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    Re: Multiple CMOS erros after replacing battery

    Thanks, I had found that already, but it didn't help. There are a few DOS batch files on the drive to do with the CMOS, but they don't do anything because there seems to be missing files.
    The owner of the machine had to get a replacement rear machine. It looks like a very used 17 year-old Celeron 1.7GHz machine PC that cost £3000!

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