I'm trying to figure out the cleanest easiest way to get this done. I'm setting up my machine with a mill turn spindle so I need relays for brake, collet closer, and also want to have every coolant line on its own solenoid. The mill turn setup has gang tooling on the milling head. Probably about 5 or 6 coolant lines that I want to control individually. These solenoids will be controlled by relays that are activated in tool change macro based on tool number.
I'm using mach3 with a smoothstepper so basically I want the simplest setup for controlling 8 relays. I have a whole port available on my ess that can be dedicated to this. I've seen some relay boards with 8 relays on them, but they seem to be mostly designed for arduino. A relay board with a db25 on it would be awesome, simply plug it into my spare ess port with a db25 to ribbon cable, but I haven't found anything like that.
Any ideas for the simplest cleanest solution to controlling 8 relays from a port on my ess?