I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know about McPond.com - think of us as Airbnb for Machines.

So if you are lacking in machines to build things, you can use McPond to gain access to the machines you need. It's also great passive income if you have idle machines just sitting around collecting dust.

Overall, we believe it's a platform that will benefit the manufacturing industry to have this kind of symbiotic relationships and enhance social interaction within the industry.

Companies from multiple cities have listed their machines. It really is the perfect opportunity to make extra money if you have idle machines. There's no cost to list your machines, the machine wouldn’t leave your premises and it will be operated by your own operator.

McPond, our vision is to inspire companies and entrepreneurs who want to build things but can’t afford to buy or do not have the space for required machinery. At the same time assist manufacturers to utilize idle machines and earn incremental revenue.

Inspire manufacturing by being a part of our strong peer-to-peer manufacturing community that brings an opportunity for everyone.

Factory owners, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs—let's grow together!

For more information please visit www.mcpond.com or contact rigved@mcpond.com or call (312) 761-4490