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    Fanuc Ladder not logical

    Hi All,

    UI am wondering is someone can help me with this. We have a Vtech milling machine That has an alarm. Looking at the Ladder R1646.2 is on. But when I look at the logical ladder R9000.1 is off so R1646.2 should also be off. I did look for duplicate coils but there is nothing. Can someone tell me what is going on here?

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    Re: Fanuc Ladder not logical

    where is going that R1646.2?
    might be reset it by a Keep relay.
    can you upload the ladder?

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    Re: Fanuc Ladder not logical

    This is a bit to understand but R9000.1 is on. The rung doesn't show it as it is the result of the function block directly above it.

    R9000#1 :Negative (input data<data compared) The input data is D920 and the compared is D3040. You will have to find out what the are ref to on your machine.

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    It drives me crazy the way fanuc uses those R9000.0, R9000.1, R9000.2 bits. I wish the function blocks just output directly from them instead of utilizing the R9000 bits. Simply because R9000 are used multiple places after each block they are associated with. And most of the time, which you experience here you don't see the true "state" it is in. Sometimes I will have a coil that's highlighted and the R9000 bit and rung will not even be on

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