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    CNC for dummies

    Hello, i am new to this forum, and have been searching for the correct category to place this post, so forgive me if i have posted in the wrong place.
    When it comes to the world of CNC, i am quite green. I understand what it is, and what it can do, but not the "how" part.
    I have been interested for a while in building my own electric guitars, i half ways know my way around 3d modeling software, and would love to learn how to build a simple CNC setup for my garage, and learn how to use it correctly. Short of spending large amounts of money on CNC courses at the local university or college, can you recommend me resources that would help me gain the knowledge i will need to build a CNC setup and operate it?

    I appreciate your time,

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    Re: CNC for dummies

    I would say, simply browsing this forum should give you enough information to get started. Find out what kind of machines and software other people use to make similar parts. Then figure out what does it take to make one of those machines (money, time, knowledge, skills, tools). Then either give up, or buy the parts, put them together and start CNC'ing.

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