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    HY-6040 CNC w/ ALL NEW electronics and G540 - COMPLETE

    Hi everyone, I am selling my completely overhauled HY-6040 machine because I just bought a larger 6090 machine.

    This is a HY-6040 CNC machine from China that has been completely overhauled with the best products for its size. The cutting area is approximately 23x14. All the OEM electronics and wiring were all completely removed and replaced with NEW EVERYTHING.

    I'm only selling because I just bought a larger machine. Here's the details on this CNC machine:

    - The heart of this machine is a Gecko G540 with heatsink and fan for cooling running three NEMA 23 381 oz/in dual shaft stepper motors from Automation Technology Inc.
    - Machine runs on 110VAC so no 220V outlet needed.
    - Anti-backlash motor coupling and motor wire covers installed to finish off the motors.
    - Meanwell 48v, 7.3A power supply.
    - Custom push/pull dual fan cooling system for all the electronics.
    - Water cooled 2.2kw spindle with a VFD in the column.
    - Water pump and container for the spindle with all new hoses running up to the spindle. (controller by VFD)
    - All new limit and home switches with shielded wire.
    - All new shielded motor cable and shielded VFD to spindle cable.
    - New, larger drag chain for shielded cables.
    - LED ring light on spindle to illuminate your work.
    - Includes a 3/4" Z axis touch off plate with included script for accurate tool zeroing every time.
    - All new T track added to the bed with a PVC base and a MDF spoil board. Will include cut files for spoilboard.
    - Computer is a Dell Optiplex with a 20" monitor running Window XP and Mach3 version 3.043.066.
    - I have Gerry's Mach3 2010 screen set installed as an extra if you want it included. (Gerry is a regular CNCZone.com contributor)
    - Comes with machine wrenches and several ER-20 collets but no cutting tools.

    This machine is complete and ready to cut material the minute you get it home. I have cut acrylic, wood, acetal, Delrin, HDPE, PVC and aluminum with the machine. Accurate down to .0005 according to my digital dial indicator everytime with motor tuning. All the hard work and upgrading has been done for you, this machine needs NOTHING and is ready to work. Please check pricing on a 2.2kw 6040 CNC machine on eBay to compare pricing between an OEM machine with junk electronics and unshielded wire and what I am offering for sale. Serious inquiries only so please no low ball offers. Machine is located in Clearwater Florida and offered for sale on other sites as well. Price $2999

    Thanks, Shawn

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    Re: HY-6040 CNC w/ ALL NEW electronics and G540 - COMPLETE

    Ok, lowering the price to $2500. You can't build this 6040 2.2kw machine for this price and all the hard work is complete. My new machine is here and this one needs to go. Make any REASONABLE offer.


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    Re: HY-6040 CNC w/ ALL NEW electronics and G540 - COMPLETE

    Are you willing to ship?

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    Re: HY-6040 CNC w/ ALL NEW electronics and G540 - COMPLETE

    I forgot to update this post, the machine was sold. Thanks

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