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    Grizzly G0704 CNC conversion

    Grizzly G0704
    I have a complete CNC converted G0704
    I have lost interest in.
    I would like to sell all together.
    This would be a great deal for someone wanting to get everything in one spot at a huge discount.
    I’m not looking to part out at this time.
    I really don’t want to ship it would cost an absorbent of money. Pick up only at this time.
    I’m sure I’m missing a few things and will add as I remember.
    I’m looking for someone to give me an offer for the whole kit.
    I’m asking 3000.00 + shipping or pickup. VERY O.B.O OPEN TO OFFERS
    We can discuss payment type over message.

    G0704 Mill
    1: Benchtop Belt drive
    2: benchtop liner rail conversion
    3: Masso CNC mill controller
    4: Arizona video Complete ball screw and mount kit
    5: CNC Milling Spindle 1100W (1.5HP) / Max. 6000RPM, (Brushless Motor and Driver
    6: 3 stepper motors X,Y,Z drivers, power supply.
    7: Pre made cables from CNC4PC for each axis.
    8: stepper motor caps with connectors.
    9: Cylinder and draw bar and draw bar washers for PDB conversion.

    I can email more specific images if needed.
    I am located in Henderson, NV
    just out side of Las Vegas, NV

    You can Email me @ mussomadness@yahoo.com

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    Re: Grizzly G0704 CNC conversion

    To the top with new price

    2500.00 + shipping or pickup.

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    Interested - sent you an email. My cell is 269 806 4900 - I am up in Salt Lake City.


    -Josh C.

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    Re: Grizzly G0704 CNC conversion

    Email sent.

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    Re: Grizzly G0704 CNC conversion

    Machine is no longer hooked up. open to offers.

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