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    Removing/Installing VMC15 enclosure

    Hi All,

    I am responsible for installing a new CNC in one of the machine shops on campus. This is our first VMC (or CNC of any kind), so we are very excited, and have settled on a VMC15 for a number of reasons. (Simple to use, well represented elsewhere on campus, robust, has a tool changer, ect).

    The major wrinkle at the moment though is that our double doors are 71 inches across (and 83.5" tall), and the machine is 74 inches across. With that in mind, I wanted to reach out and see if anyone has experience getting a VMC15 into a tight space like that. Our current plan is to remove the z axis motor and enclosure, and then re-install then once the machine is in the shop. With that in mind, I'd love to hear from anyone who as taken off the enclosure about how tough that was and whether there were any calibration issues when you re-installed it.

    All the best,

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    Re: Removing/Installing VMC15 enclosure

    The sheet metal isn't bad. Remove the small handful of bolts and gentle pry the panels apart slowly.
    When you reassemble. Level the machine first, clean all the caulk off the old panels and clean really good. I used a razor to get most off then cleaned it with acetone.
    Beware, Acetone may cause deformation in people from California, or something like that .

    Put a good coat of quality caulk around each bolt hole and two rows down every mating surface.
    Mount everything finger tight, then level the enclosure. I like the front high so everything runs to the back. Tighten up the bolts.
    Add caulk at any corners or gaps and remove any excess, and let cure.

    I used a good caulk/sealant like Silkaflex 1A. Please don't use RTV or Silicone. Get some good stuff and do it only once.


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    Re: Removing/Installing VMC15 enclosure

    new Bay window..next to where the New machine is on Desplay ...with or without ramp for Forklift

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    Re: Removing/Installing VMC15 enclosure

    Use the forklift to sat it close to the opening on some pipe or rollers and push it thru long wise thru the opening. That solves the width issue but yep, remove the Z axis motor for the head clearance.

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    Re: Removing/Installing VMC15 enclosure

    Many thanks for the quick replies!

    @rwskinner - That is very good to hear about the sheet metal. Good point about mounting the front a bit high, we didn't do that on the ME shop Fadal, and its occasionally a bit of an issue.

    You mentioned pushing it through long wise, but would that help? At least on paper the machine's 77 inches deep (I'll go measure the ME shop Fadal on Monday).

    machinehop5 - you jest, but "remove the door" is the backup plan...

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