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    Brother TC-S2A

    Hello Everyone,

    We just adopted a Brother TC-S2A-O for pretty pretty much scrap value.

    I got the machine powered on and the screen came alive. There is an alarm "5020 DC POWER ERROR (24V)". Any ideas on how we can get past that? Every button on the control panel has been non-responsive to any manipulation.

    There is also no pendant. Can the machine function at all without the pendant?

    I guess the real question is this. Did we buy a box of parts or a diamond in the rough? It's sitting on the loading dock until we decide to push it out to the door or hire a rigger to drop move it to the shop floor. I really love these machines and want to get it running if possible. I don't mind dropping some cash on it to get it right. I just need to find out if it's possible.


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    Re: Brother TC-S2A

    Sounds like a dead power supply. Check for voltage coming off of its taps. If none, check the input voltage. If it's dead, find a suitable replacement from its supplied voltage and amperage output. AutomationDirect usually has cheap models that work well.

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    Re: Brother TC-S2A

    I found the problem. Actually, I found a lot of problem. Parts on order so far are:

    I/O PCB
    Manual Pulse Generator
    ATC Encoder

    One of the screws for the turret cover pierced the red wire on the ATC encoder, effectively shorting it to ground. This fried the ATC and IO boards, burning out several components on each pcb. We fixed the short and will install the new parts on Friday.

    The spindle motor looks to be brand new. Having said that, there was a tag on the machine stating it couldn't read the spindle RPM. The spindle motor is also mounted loosely, meaning you can move it around by hand. The tag also said the machine can't find it's position and there is an error on the Y Axis.

    The goal is to have a good machine for around $10k. We're getting close now,,,,,, fingers crossed.

    Yamazen has been amazing to work with so far.

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    Re: Brother TC-S2A

    was this from hgr? i was eyeing them last month.

    i think you got a diamond in the rough even if the control is non working, but it sounds like yamazen will get you going. for the price some of these machines go for, they are worth it for the castings alone.

    i got a tc225 and 229 from hgr a while back, both, shockingly, in really good running condition though they are both pre g code models, so they need a control regardless. i tried a linuxcnc conversion on the 225 but the analogue servos were too hard to tune, i will revisit them both when i get a new shop.

    yamazen was great help with manuals, wiring diagrams, and other info and have all the way cover seals and little bits needed to make them production worthy again.

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