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    Lifting Bridgeport VMC 500/16

    Follow up post to my last. Hoping to get some advice on this question.

    We have purchased a Bridgeport VMC 500/16, but unsure how the machine is lifted. The current owner has no forklift so needs to be lifted on to the lorry by hyab. Our end we have a forklift as an option so hopefully we are covered once at our site.

    On the main casting at the rear of the machine there is a slot which looks like it should be used to for a bar/sling, but couldn't find anything at the front of the machine. There were a couple of removable plates either side of the y axis that we hoped would have lifting eyes, but there was nothing under them.

    Unfortunately the owner didn't have the installation instructions and couldn't remember how it was installed when purchased when they bought it new. A search online hasn't been to helpful either.

    Has anyone any experience we moving one of these machines or other Bridgeport VMC, if they are the same.


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    Re: Lifting Bridgeport VMC 500/16

    Don't know what a Hyab is, but we simply put the forks under the base with a couple rubber pads between the forks and casting..and come in from the back (column) side. Once in the shop, it goes on some Hilman skates and moved in to position, then jacked off the skates on to the leveling pads.. Ours is a much larger version of that machine though.

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    Re: Lifting Bridgeport VMC 500/16

    You might take a look here Emjay Engineering | Specialists in Precision Machining

    Looks like it has fork pockets on the bottom, and something to attach to if lifting from the top.

    Our Haas is about the same size, we picked it off of the truck from the bottom and brought it into the shop. Then lifted from the top and spun it around to set in place. For the top lift, the Haas was rigged about the same way as the picture in the link shows.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    This is the lifting info on a VMC760 22.

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