Good Morning everyone,

I am excited that I finally ordered a spindle. I ordered on Amazon as a kit. It is a 2.2KW Water cooled.
I went with water cooled as I want to cut alum with more precision and cut down on the noise and blown air from an air cooled type.

I understand that I need water. How much water does a spindle need? Is it 1 gal? or 5 gal? or 10 gal?
I read some thread where folks are using coolant? Is distilled water not good enough for casual use?

Last but not least, what is the deal with the food grade hoses I keep reading about? The kit I have comes with some "cheap" hoses. The machine is kept in an AC or climate controlled environment (not in a garage or shop with no AC).

This is the kit I ordered for your reference.

Thank you