I needed a way to visualize the XY2-100 output for repairing a Rofin system. As nothing was readily available, I ended up with writing a decoder for the Sigrok Pulseview logic analyzer.
This is, of course, something pretty special, but might be helpful for someone who struggles with a faulty galvo result.
You need the Sigrok Pulseview installation, but it's free and compact. Not free, but really affordable is the logic analyzer adapter. I got mine from China for about USD 80. It is a SEALEA compatible, 16 channel USB device. Operating it with Pulseview even gives me a better feeling than running the included (but stolen...) SEALEA software.

Programming those decoders in Python language is a mess, due to the lack of debugging functions and documentation. But here it is : XY2-100 Decoder