Dear Friends,

I buy this used Nakamura WT250 Machine. some how its parameter was damaged, The machine seller
gave me the backup file but its not all file its only three file which may be not all files machine
After I reinstall the parameter backup file which i have machine asking me password for
NT NURSE (Version 4.41) it shows in custom screen in machine screen. Now machine is not working the
way it should work. Every time when i start the machine it ask me this password.
this password maybe only solution for it & all Backup file with Macro Program files also.

I need very much Help to get out of this problems. I'm trying very hard on local level but yet
it did not work out any solution.
If anyone can have solution Please Help me or show me the way for it..
if anyone has backup & password please mail me on my personal mail ID

waiting for your valuable reply...