Again, anyone with a similar machine that can offer insights please chime in!

I never really used coolant on the sub-spindle, and if I did I don't know if I ever checked to make sure it was working. All I've used the sub-spindle/turret for is quick 2nd Op facing and maybe a quick groove on real small aluminum parts. Now I need to cut some steel soft jaws and some complex work with live tools on some 4140 parts in the sub.

So, here goes...

I don't know if this is a new problem or not, but for some reason the coolant won't go through the turret housing and into the coolant ring. There is definitely medium pressure coolant getting to the back of the coolant housing to the Port K (I'm wearing a good bit of it after checking), but will not come out the other side.

I've removed the spring loaded valve that connects the coolant ring to the turret disc so there's no resistance there, but still nothing.

According to the manual there is nothing in the turret housing, it's supposedly a straight pass through. Does anyone know if that's wrong and I really need to tear into the housing?

I stuck a snake light in both ways to see if there was any light showing through the other end, but nothing....

I'm stumped. I always thought it was just a through-pipe and that was it.