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    AW708C Lite Controller - network problems

    Hi folks,

    So I just got this controller installed on my Chinese laser cutter replacing an M2 controller board.

    Everything works well which suggests to me the wiring is ok.

    But I have 2 issues:

    The main one is that I can't seem to figure out how to connect the controller to my network.
    I have changed the ip address under network settings accordingly and I can connect to it if I connect directly to my computer and bridge the connection with the WiFi. However, if I connect directly to the router/network switch, nothing happens.
    What could I be missing in this setup?

    The second issue is with regards to homing and limit switches. Seems like the controller is unable to home to the limit switch and it just assumes its starting position is always home. But... Everytime it startsup/resets, it moves diagonally down a few mm meaning your bed size is reducing each time.
    If you power on with the limit switches depressed, it moves in the opposite direction...

    The switches are connected to the -ve terminal.

    Thanks guys!

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    Re: AW708C Lite Controller - network problems

    I’m using a Vonets VAP11G-300 on my AW708C. Works great then I decided to go to a commonly sold WIFI extender to get a better signal. Has a couple Ethernet ports to plug into. Could not get it to connect no matter what I tried. No communications. Plug the Vonets in using same settings and it works. I gave up on the extender

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