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Its all about Chip Load. Look at GWizard from CNC Cookbook. You can download a free trial and then decide if its worth the cost. Use 2 or 1 flute mills for wood, same as aluminum.

You need to increase the feed rate. Did you even bother reading what was posted?

GW Wizard says: .25 Inch dia 2 flute end mill. .375 Deep Cut 10676 Rpm and 92 ipm feed rate at least.
My most recent settings:
0.125 inch dia 2 flute end mill, 0.04 Deep cut, 9000 RPM, 79 ipm.
The mill starts to veer off course if cut depth is 0.08 inch or higher. The depth of 0.375 inch is actually not cutting by CNC, and breaking bit in manual operation.