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    Hypertherm MaxPro200 Motion signal issue

    Good day,

    We are currently in the final stages of finishing a CNC Plasma machine for a client (with a MaxPro 200 cutter), but we are experiencing a problem. We have completed several cuts without any difficulties, but yesterday we started to encounter the following:

    - When we start a cut, the torch goes down and senses the plate (IHS), then goes up to pierce height and
    starts to pierce, but then it won't continue with the rest of the process.
    - The problem is that we don’t get a motion signal back from the cutter. If I understand correctly, there is
    a NO relay which is supposed to close (on the Hypertherm PCB)
    - We make use of our own voltage divider which provides 12V (Black wire - #2) and 0V/COM (White wire- #1) on
    the picture attached.
    - When we follow the cut procedure - The Plasma start light/LED illuminates (pierces) and then shortly after
    the Arc transfer lamp illuminates (but no motion occurs). Isn't the motion relay suppose to be NC and I am
    supposed to measure 0V between the Black (#2)and White (#1) wire? Because I measure a voltage drop from 12V
    to 10V when that relay is supposed to be closed.
    - When we disconnected the black and white wire from the cutter and manually short pins #1 and #2 on our
    voltage divider, the motion actually starts on the cnc
    - We have checked all the LED's on the Hypertherm PCB and everything is correct according to the manual.

    I hope that someone can provide me with some help.

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