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    Ten-High Laser Engraver - Laser not firing, now arcing

    I recently received my 50w laser engraver, after getting it set up it ran perfect for 3 days then the laser stopped firing. The tube in the back was lighting up (purple) and the head was moving with the program but no laser was firing into the mirrors. Tonight I opened the back and hit the test button, the connection from the board to the tube was arcing against the side of the machine. I have contacted Ten-High but do not have much faith in a quick response.

    Anyone have any incites?

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    Re: Ten-High Laser Engraver - Laser not firing, now arcing

    I think it is possible that your Focal lens has a problem.

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    Re: Ten-High Laser Engraver - Laser not firing, now arcing

    On the high power wire going to the tube I’d glob caulk around the
    connector to fully insulate it. Also make sure the machine has a good ground.

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    Re: Ten-High Laser Engraver - Laser not firing, now arcing

    Hello! Obviously you have a loss in the high voltage cable. It is important to be able to discover if it is from the cable or from the tube.
    I recommend that you change the high voltage cable (normally it is the red color) or that you cover it with a silicone hose, that is a quick solution if it is the cable.
    If the voltaic arc is produced from the tube, I recommend coating the place from where it comes out with liquid silicone.
    Another option is to see if the high voltage cable is damaged somewhere and cover the damage with high tension tape.

    Good luck!

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