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    Getting CSYS data from Surfcam

    Is it possible to make a Posthaste post for Surfcam, (Postform) that takes the Ccys data from a 4-axis operation and
    puts all the offsets values G54-59 (however many offsets used in the file) automatically with the right values, from the machine zero in B-center?

    This can be done with advanced post processors with other cam systems, like Gibbscam and Mastercam. Probably with Surfcam to, but
    i wonder if it can be done with Posthaste. Buying a postprocessor is not an option, to expensive. We have no license anymore.

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    Re: Getting CSYS data from Surfcam

    yes it can you need to mod the post in both the tool change area and the between area. you can do g54 or g54.1p1 2 3 4 5 99 etc

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