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    FANUC Oi MATE-TD feedrate ovverride and handle not working

    Hello to all,

    I have one problem. We bought a used CNC lathe DMC Q6 with FANUC Oi mate-TD controller.

    The feedrate override potenciometer is not working properly. When I am in jog mode or if it is in program G01 code is working normally. When potenciometer is on 0% it doesn't move and when I increasing it it is moving proportionally with percentage.

    But when I have in code G00, on 0% it doesn't move and when I raise it up on 10% it goes with 100% speed.

    I have a question if there is any parameter in that I have to change it or is there any other trick?
    I already checked the parameter#1401 and it is OK.

    The odd thing is, that we have one more CNC lathe DMC but older also with FANUC Oi mate-TC and it is working right.

    On lathe we have a clamping device and it is very risky to work with 100% rapid move.

    Second problem is handle wheel which it doesn't work at all. Is there also enable/disable function in parameters or it is just broken?

    Thank you in advance for your answers.

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    Re: FANUC Oi MATE-TD feedrate ovverride and handle not working

    you should have 2 potenciometers,one for jog feedrate with 12 positions from 0 to 120% and one for rapid move with 4 positions from 0-25-50-100%
    if it is movinfg at 100% when you put the jog feedrate at 10% it means that the rapid feedrate potenciometer is on 100% and it is normal when G00 is executed,G01 it is holded by jog feedrate and G00 is holded on another potentiometer
    a picture with the operator panel should be clear for us.
    thank you

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    Re: FANUC Oi MATE-TD feedrate ovverride and handle not working

    I agree a picture would help, if the op panel is a builder made one, my guess is you have a broken 5VDC wire in the back.

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    Re: FANUC Oi MATE-TD feedrate ovverride and handle not working

    You will have to look in the ladder to understand how the rapid over ride on your machine functions.

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