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    vk45 fourth axis add?

    I have all the parts to do this. Servo motor, servo drive, cables, resistors, ect.....

    anyone know how to enable it on the machine?
    anyone know how to configure it?

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    Re: vk45 fourth axis add?

    Some things I found....looking at the wiring seems the 4th and the X axis are connected to the same place...a typo? Maybe not. I found something in the Hitachi Maintenance manual that may imply one needs two SVIF boards. Shows a jumper that may select the function of the SVIF. (setting pins = jumpers in Hitachi speak)

    Anyone that HAS a fourth axis that could answer silly questions? Was it installed later or did the VK come that way? Do you have two SVIF boards? How are they connected?

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