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    MX4660, Home, Limit micro-switch

    Hi All,

    I recently purchased a MX4660 driver for my DIY cnc
    The motors are running perfectly.But I stuck at Home & limit switch configuration (i'm using micro switch)

    there are some pins named input1, input2,................ input8

    but i don't know how to interface this with Mach3 software

    any leads will be really appreciated


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    Re: MX4660, Home, Limit micro-switch

    when connecting to the 4 limit switch inputs and E-stop on the first printer port or motion controller port

    this may help assuming your using a 12V supply for the limit switches
    Attachment 421406

    and do not need to add resistors to use higher voltages - see figure 15 on the manual page 16
    PDF manual
    Attachment 421404

    assuming your using mach3
    in pins and ports - input signals
    you need to assign port 1
    pin 10 as X limit ,
    pin 11 as Y limit
    pin 12 as Z limit
    pin 13 as X limit
    pin 15 as E stop


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    Oct 2015

    Re: MX4660, Home, Limit micro-switch

    Hi John,

    Thank you very much for your help!!
    I got the Point!


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