I plan to post this on Stepcraft forum as well, hoping a member here might answer as well.
Eric Royer at Stepcraft USA was kind enough to quickly replace the fried PS in my HF500 controller box. Unfortunately, I must have mis-labeled the wires/connections and I can find NO documentation on the wiring for this PS. What I diagrammed for the 9 screw terminals on the PS is (from left to right) : 1-Not Used, 2-Not Used, 3-Red, 4-Not used, 5-Large Black, 6&7-Fuse with 7 a Yellow/Green Combo, 8-White, 9-Small Black. Inside the controller box w/ circuit board, I failed to draw which side of the "posts", inside or outside, the Yellow/Orange/Brown combo plugs into (also Yellow at the top or bottom?). Lastly, the second Yellow/Green combo has a standard crimp connector, but unclear what it would plug onto (there are 4 wire "posts", but would be very loose, and which of the 4? Perhaps a photo of all would help, if this is not clear enough. Thanks all.