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IndustryArena Forum > CAD Software > Solidworks > Can this be modeled is Solidworks?
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    Re: Can this be modeled is Solidworks?

    That can be modelled in Fusion rather easily using the "sculpt" menu. It use to be Tsplines but now they call is "Sculpt." It is quite easy.

    I could also model that in solidworks but being organic I prefer the push and pull methods in a free form modeller (Sculpt, or Rhino) that don't keep a design tree.

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    Re: Can this be modeled is Solidworks?

    Could you nade the model?

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    Re: Can this be modeled is Solidworks?

    heres an obj file

    i could retrieve of your picture
    import into fusion in sculpt mode
    then move nodes to get close to the original

    holes you can subtract in solid mode

    the issue with fusion that you cant splits faces easily
    it is simpler to start in blender or hexagon,
    both of them free

    to achieving sharp edges in sculpt mode you select edge then right click crease edge in the upcoming menu

    knife handle txt is an obj file please rename it
    forum dont let upload with obj extension
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    Re: Can this be modeled is Solidworks?

    try to post more pictures
    from top to see contour better
    and from the two end to see crosssections

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