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    Corner Probing Routine

    Hey Guys and Girls;
    Is there available a probing routine that will allow one to probe the (for instance) lower corner of a rectangular piece of stock and the upper right corer to assure that the outer boundaries are square? I do a bit of simple name plates on a 5.5 X 24 pine board and usually finish the corners on a manual talbe just to make sure that they remain true. If mounted on the table (without a jig) one takes a chance of the stock being slightly off square which would make the outer boundary finish to be off kilter when not exactly square to the machine.
    Hope this makes sense. Also I use Aspire so the reason for my question here.
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    Cool Re: Corner Probing Routine

    You definately need a jig, or at least an "L" stopwhich is inline with your X and Y axes.
    Another way is to calculate your stock rotation (math ) and to set your CNC software according.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Corner Probing Routine

    I've attached a picture of my XY axis locator. It also is a tool height setter. Pictures attached. Is this what you are looking for? If you are interested I can send you the script language.

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