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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > BobCad-Cam > 4th axis on Z setup ??
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    4th axis on Z setup ??

    I have been trying to set-up the 4th axis on the Z axis (i.e pointing vertically at the spindle) with intended movement being Z and 4th axis only .... but have been having issues. The program seems to create the tool path correctly but when going to simulation the stock is always orientated on the X axis direction. I have tried multiple machine definition setups, stock direction setups and multi-axis posting options (including - force table rotation) and nothing seems to correct he problem. Posting results in a program with no movement in any axis.

    Its not imperative to make the machine work this way but am told in can be done. The application is simply a multiple hole pattern in a circular disk and with (mainly) only Z and 4th movement will result in a smaller/simple post. Bobcad is V31 4th axis standard ... (at last much more user friendly than the old versions).
    Am probably missing a simple set somewhere ... can anyone point me in the right direction ??

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    Re: 4th axis on Z setup ??

    A axis is along the X axis, B axis is along the Y axis, and the rarely used C axis is along the Z axis.
    In any event, there are much simpler and better ways to machine a ring of holes using a short program.


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