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    VMX64 Windows Fatal Application Exit

    It's my first post over here so I'd like to say hello to everyone.

    I'm having some trouble with Hurco VMX64. It freezed third time in nearly the same spot during finishing strategy on the same job. It crashes with the same notification:
    "Windows Fatal Application Exit"
    "RTX Exception - Float Denormalized Operand at loc..." "..Process image has been unloaded *"

    Two times it stopped in exactly same position. Line number in G code is different because I have removed all the tool paths that were machined and left only remaining, making a program shorter this way. On the third screen, location is different because I have trimmed this tool path and removed cutter pass where the error occurred previously.
    I thought that this error might have something to do with cutter passing through certain position but removing tool paths where error occurred didn't help.

    Has anyone had similar problem? Any help and clues appreciated.

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    Re: VMX64 Windows Fatal Application Exit

    Recalculating tool path solved the problem. Nonetheless, it was a strange one. First time happened to me. Even Hurco help desk suggested it could be windows issue. Perhaps it is (windows issue) and we are about to find out, but in the mean time last job was completed successfully and we can carry on :-)

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