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    Where is John

    Has anybody been able to get in touch with John? The number I have goes to a voicemail with no name (listed on the site) and emails are not getting returned. He sent me a wrong part and I am screwed if I don't get the right one quickly.


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    Neuer Benutzer
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    Re: Where is John

    I think I caught him at just the right time. LOL I had to email him about something else and told him people were asking about him. This is what I got back.........

    Everything is fine here. I am building a new shop and more time consuming is a modified torus pro. We are going full Siemens controls and will be UL certified. The new mills are being built in China now, but will not have the cabinet on the back side. The cabimet will instead be on the side of the stand. We will have a kit form for older mills, but we have to complete the first kit we are working on now. The new mill will have rigid tapping and a more powerful spindle motor and all servo axes. Fully commercial and a little more expensive also. I am not sure if we will have a stepper version, depending on interest mainly.

    We also just finished a contract yesterday to build a US CO2 laser with our own design. A lot of new features not on the imports we represent. I will still sell Bodor, but pushing US built, though slightly higher in price. Demo will be started next week and should have pictures for the zone starting in a few weeks. We will have construction shots as we go. Should be interesting.

    We will also will be releasing the mill announcement about the same time. We will be limited to conceptual drawings for a few months before the mills show up.

    You can share this info if you like since we will release it anyway very soon. Days are long with work!

    John Sandstrom

    353 Jonestown Rd, Suite 144
    Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27104
    Don't have to be too bright to be me

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    Re: Where is John

    No need to panic Keith, we do get the messages and respond as quickly as we can. It was only a few hours since you called in when we returned your call, later in the early evening...and being a holiday, end of week leave early day....

    Just a note, we did some changes to the office phone system a few days ago and we did miss the message forwarding feature. All corrected now.

    Your flex coupler was sent out so you should have it in a few days. I also made arrangements for the spare Torus PRO casted parts you wanted. I will keep you posted.


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    Re: Where is John

    Definitely we will be starting some new threads on the revised mill and CO2 laser very soon. We still have to gather up more information to better represent the new machines but I am sure all will be interesting to follow it's development. Schedules tend to slide, but having the laser built and assembled locally, it is a huge plus. We will have production pictures as we move along and I don't anticipate a very long waiting period before we have production lasers ready.


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