I have been using my home-made mid-size CNC router for 7 years now and I am still happy with it (see LONG thread here: https://www.cnczone.com/forums/cnc-w...rum-posts.html.

Now retired, I am planning to go on 2-3 months trips with our motorhome and obviously I can not take a 600 pound machine with me, not to mention materials and other tools. But I really would like to be able to work on smaller projects and also verify some of the specialty CAM software I am working on.

So, I am looking for recommendations or links to small desktop machines (I guess 12"x12" work space is about all I can take with me). Likely, that takes me into engraving machine territory.
- should be reasonably accurate (maybe <0.003"?)
- should be rigid enough to run 1/8" bits with speed up to 80 ipm
- max speed 120 ipm is o.k.
- lightweight to lug around
- moderate effort to assemble (I don't want to make this a build project in itself)
- no controller required, I would hook up a controller of my choice. But O.K. if it has a modern controller.
- quiet small spindle (if it comes with one). No need to upset the campground neighbors.
- sure enough, I don't want to spend more than $1000-1500 depending on features.

Thanks for any recommendations...