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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > Commercial CNC Wood Routers > Biesse > Need help with creating tabs in biesseworks
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    Need help with creating tabs in biesseworks

    I am looking to cut a bunch of small parts from very light stock on a Biesse Rove Plast J. The shop I work for has very limited resources and knowledge, I think tabs would be the best way to hold the parts down but I don't know if this is something I can do in Biesseworks or even have the designer do in Vector works. Sadly this project is a rush so redesigning is rather limited so on the Vector works side it would have to be simple settings only changes. That said any and all advice is welcome.

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    Re: Need help with creating tabs in biesseworks

    Not sure if it's too late, but adding tabs in BiesseWorks itself is a pain. If you want to add tabs, you can import the files into Aspire or vCarve and simply click the add tabs option.

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    Re: Need help with creating tabs in biesseworks

    Unfortunately the tabs function doesn't exist in Biesse works or even in Biesse software generally.

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