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    Hello, I am looking for some help with my AGIE innovation die sinker EDM.
    The pump has stopped working and the dielectric tank will not fill.

    My pump will not turn on and I’m getting the errors below.
    When I try and turn on the pump “Error in executing the command 1DA"
    When I try to fill the tank “Set level interrupted levels SL7, SB10, SP70 not correct or search for zero level point not performed"

    The machine was mid erosion cycle, but after a tool change the tank would no longer fill.

    Anyone have any experience with these machines?


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    Your machine is running? If still have a any problem I can Help you,

    And in this machine c axis is there or not?
    Because I have one agie hyperspark 2 he in this c axis not their, because of that I am not able to complete the probe calibration, do you have any idea about this.

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