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    Angry Please help - nozzle leaking

    Hi all,

    Really hope someone can help as i am currently pulling my hair out!

    So we have a flow - dynamic waterjet which has ran pretty smoothly for a couple of years, up until the last month or so. Right now, its just currently unuseable, as whenever the pump is turned on ( even on low pressure) water starts spraying out of the mixing tube with pressure. I have previously changed the on/off valve kit when the water has been dripping out of the mixing tube and fixed that problem.

    Despite being different to this, and the water shooting out a high pressure, i did change the on/off valve kit for a new one, hoping it would make a difference. However it has made no difference at all, and the water is still shooting out the mixing tube at a high pressure when the pump is turned on at low pressure.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Please help - nozzle leaking

    Do you have a dump valve on your machine? I own 2 omax machines, and have heard the pumps are similar..

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