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    Re: Vetric Aspire nose dive on Z Axis

    A silly solution that works is not so silly.
    Yeah, a medium-speed reliable machine is much better than a fast but unreliable machine. Educational for all.


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    Re: Vetric Aspire nose dive on Z Axis

    Quote Originally Posted by wmgeorge View Post
    Yes I had paroled students and disadvantaged students also.

    My very best was watching ADD students who had problems learning from a book or passing a test excel at troubleshooting and repair. People do not understand why black students drop out and fail at jobs or are un-employed. I had one who told me when he was going to school the white side of town got new books, the ten year old worn out books went to the black schools. He was a special needs student and got zero help while the other side of town the white kids got put in special classes. Regardless he learned and got through my program and get a job.

    So they drop out of school, can't get a job because of no HS diploma. So what else is left to do, hang out do drugs and sell drugs. Give these young folks a education not a check because 150 years ago their great great grandparents were slaves.

    Yes, maybe you missed the part where I taught for 12 years, in the trade I knew about. My students got jobs, If they wanted to work.
    Having the role model that finds a job, gets a job and stays in the job because he has responsibilities is a very important missing link.
    So, instant gratification of selling drugs for quick money is the fix for not having to grind it out.
    Thanks for your help.

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