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    X-Y CNC with existing leadscrews?

    Where the project sits at this moment;

    -> X2 mill with no cranks or graduated collars -- bought it this way

    ->3 axis xylotex ready kit -- the 425oz.in steppers seem to be running run ok in both emc and mach3

    What step to take next is a bit confusing. The ball screw conversion kits available don't seem very impressive from a cost/quality standpoint. No knock meant on the folks supplying these kits but I feel with some patience and scrounging better results are possible. Obviously people in the kit business can't waste time scouring for one-off parts one at a time!

    An intermediate solution, that allows for the making of some needed mounts and other bits, might be using what is already at hand. Two kits that use the existing leadscrews;


    The cncfusion kit uses a locking collar by looks of things. How the other kit works is unclear.

    Anyone have experience with either kit? Please don't suggest the purchase of handwheels, graduated collars and DROs. I'm eager to see the steppers do real work even if it's in a limited way.

    Edit / Forgot to ask about splitting the bronze nut. A picture or diagram would be appreciated. An item like this is available for sherline and taig. Not aware of an X@ supplier.

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    I bought the set from LMS and I am not thrilled with it. It is nicely machined but I wasn't thrilled with the design. I decided (having spent $265) to build my own (once I get some of my other projects finished). Just one of my too many projects. I will pack it up and sell it to you for $150. Hint! If you are going to buy, I would suggest the one from CNCFusion (not having seen it in person).


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    Quote Originally Posted by acondit View Post
    I will pack it up and sell it to you for $150.
    That's a very generous offer. Unfortunately there is some customs paperwork involved and it would be unfair to put that burden on you.

    The idea of making my own ballscrew setup really does seem the way to go in the long term. Starting to regret buying this mill with the manual pieces missing!

    Does anyone know what quality of ballscrews are used in the syil kit? Does it include reasonable quality bearings?At $1550 it is a possible alternative even if the control and steppers end up in the spare parts bin. Maybe a call to syil america would answer this but a second opinion is always nice to have.

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