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    Help Milling Round Mould


    I am a beginner with milling so any help is welcomed.

    I need to make some round moulds in a steel stock.

    I have an old machine with limited memory capacity and that is why I am using 2d pocket strategies to do the roughing.

    My stepdown is 1 mm, I dont dare to use more.

    My issue is that it takes to long to machine the parts.
    Also another big problem is that the tip of my end mills gets destroyed very often.

    So my question is. What is the best strategy to open these pockets?
    Someone suggested to do a pre drill hole. But I dont see how this helps.
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    pre drilling a hole will reduce the amount of work the end mill has to do, also it aids with chip evacuation and in your situation would help with end mill life - you can start milling from the side rather than plunging in which is damaging your end mills.

    if your machine can handle it - try ramping your cutter into the work - it will be much kinder to the end mill.

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