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    Diode laser add-on alignment issue

    Hi all, This probably has a very simple solution, but I'm drawing a blank.
    I have a 48"x96" CNC RouterParts CNC to which I have added a 10 W diode laser mounted off the spindle mount. All the electronics are operating perfectly and I'm using the M3 and M4 commands to turn the laser on and off (using Sxxx for power level control).

    WHat I want to be able to do is to carve something, let's say a name, with the CNC, then use the laser to burn the text dark or outline it, or whatever.
    I use Aspire 9.02 and Mach3 with the standard screens. My problem is, the laser is mounted offset to the spindle, so I need to compensate for that during the laser burn.
    I took measurements between a laser dot and a V-bit tip. The laser sits 1.5233" negative on the X axis and 1.233" positive on the Y. My thought was to try to store those settings in G55 but that did not seem to work...keeping in mind that I've never used offsets before, however.
    Can anyone tell me a step by step method of correcting for this variation in mount position? I really don't want to have to try to do it manually as the X and Y zeros for the workpiece have already been set during the carve, and any changes are likely to have errors.
    I do use separate post-processors for the carve toolpath and the laser toolpath in Aspire and save to two separate toolpath files.
    Mike Poling

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    Re: Diode laser add-on alignment issue

    PM Sent

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    Re: Diode laser add-on alignment issue

    I'm having the identical issue as mpoling. As the solution was not posted here, can someone help me out?


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