Hi, just joined so first post.

Have a couple of stepper motors I'm trying to determine the specs for, and it isn't searchable by the label info. Need torque and holding ability for these. They're small 42mm ones, so the torque MAY be ok for my use but may NOT be... can't tell so figured I'd ask here if anyone knows the way Sanyo Denki uses their numbering schemes to decipher the model number "type" I have.

Label info:
TYPE: 103H546-0456
3.15Ohms 1.8 deg/step
Lot No. 07921

It shares a 'prefix' with another couple of their motors (the '103H546' part matches), but it has a different 'suffix'(the '0456' part).

Googling the '103H546' part of the model designation gets me the specs for the 103H546-0440 and -0441 models. But I'm not willing to assume that these will be the specs for my 0456 models.

Anyone able to help?