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    Surface Plates Granite

    Hi everyone, this is my first time posting so sorry for any mistakes.
    A group of machinists in SEQ and I are importing some granite surface plates DIN 00 in a variety of sizes etc
    We have some space left in the crate and we get charged the same amount for shipping if we fill this space or not.
    So if anyone is chasing a quality surface plate at a great rate send me a message asap
    Plates will be granite only not doing any cast iron in this run, i can arrange a truck to most of SEQ at your cost if you can unload at your end, I can load onto a truck if you arrange one to service other areas.

    Quick update to save answering all the PMs payment will be done through Paypal so everyone will have buyer protection so, no plate no pay.

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    Re: Surface Plates Granite


    It looks like you don't have private messages turned on.

    I'm very interested, but the issue is that I'm away for a full year. If someone wanted to store a plate for me, I would be in!

    Also interested in a straightedge and cylindrical square.
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    Re: Surface Plates Granite


    just wondering what the rough cost a plate landed in SEQ is? Size? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by crjohnson View Post

    just wondering what the rough cost a plate landed in SEQ is? Size? Thanks
    Hi mate. Pm me your email and I can send you some more info.

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