I have an early 90's OKUMA LNC8 OSP5020-L. It was operating with no issues and then powered down. The next day I powered it up and got 65 Alarm-P SVP start 42000001.
The VAC III Drive (D-11) has M1,M2 lights flashing, CPU light solid red and the number 8 is displayed on the VAC III Drive.
The BL II has the following lights:
PON- Green
[OP- Yellow
[OP- Yellow

I have a few questions but any advice or tips on trouble shooting would be greatly appreciated.
Question 1) What is the first alarms to look into? What the monitor says, the VAC Drive or the BL?
Question 2) How do I read the alarm code on the monitor? The book uses format XXYYZZZZ but for the XX section it only goes to 24 and I thought I need 42. I probably am not using it correctly.