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    95 Charmilles RoboFil 310

    Machine has sit for 3 years until they hired me, and now its up and running but I need some help. I have been doing every aspect of machining for 10 years, but Wire EDM is new to me.
    So just got the machine back up and running, and I'm doing a HUGE clean up on the inside.

    Mastercam 2018
    So when your setting up you power settings
    In the program what do you put in for the 3 Digits that MasterCam ask for?
    Because the TEC Files are like this LS25A
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Capture20.PNG  

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    Re: 95 Charmilles RoboFil 310

    I'm not familiar with master cam, but I would assume the 3 digit number would be to pull up your E setting from the active .tec file. Example 501, 502 for a tec with 1 rough and 1 skim.

    In my attachment I'm using Esprit to call up KEY.tec and then E501 for the rough and E502 for the skim.
    Attachment 423040

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    Re: 95 Charmilles RoboFil 310

    Thanks I was looking at old programs the last guy made and I think I remember seeing E501 and such. I will go back and look at it again thanks.

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