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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > Uncategorised WoodWorking Machines > [Please help the beginner! ] Routakit HD VFD does not turn on
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    Re: [Please help the beginner! ] Routakit HD VFD does not turn on

    Quote Originally Posted by hiki4026 View Post
    Thanks for the polite explanation!

    I need time to consider whether to get rid of solid state relays.

    Because I am an amateur, I am afraid that I will be awfully lost after making a big correction.

    Also, although the manufacturer's support is not good, I see a lot of on-site images of other people's finished products.
    So, does the manufacturer mistake the device wiring order? And I have a concern.

    I received a lot of advice, I want to run after thinking.
    Thank you very much for your kindness.
    I will post again if there is progress in the near future.
    It would not change anything to bypass the Solidstate Relay which should not be there anyway it has been very poorly done I don't believe that these people selling this are qualified to be doing this type of work

    It should have a Circuit Breaker then the Filter then connect to the VFD Drive

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    Post Re: [Please help the beginner! ] Routakit HD VFD does not turn on

    To Mactec54

    Sorry for my late reply.

    I asked the manufacturer of the motor driver Soigeneris, which solved this problem.

    I made various measurements with a multi-tester,
    The cause was the profile data used by Mach3.

    When you first open Mach3,
    I created a new profile and used profile data just named ?Routakit_HD?.

    However, when using profile data optimized for Routakit from Soigeneris, the relay click sounded and the VFD was turned on.

    In other words, there was no problem in terms of hardware.

    I received no explanation from Routakit.
    It is a situation of severe support to the amateur.
    (Though I knew that I needed profile data)
    Or is it a problem that I do not know such common sense?

    Anyway, I can go ahead.
    Thank you for your warm support.
    Also, if you do not understand something, I will ask you questions on this bulletin board.

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